Linglong Light

In the design, a cylindrical vessel is created and decorated with a point composition from the grain technique. The transparent points are holes that are completely filled with glaze. If the vessel is used as a table light, it benefits from the translucent of the glaze and can produce a warm glowing effect. The dots can also be illuminated through the sunshine. This elegant porcelain product creates a quiet and warm atmosphere at home.

2017, porcelain, Ø 7.9 cm, H 7.4 cm / Ø 10 cm, H 10.1 cm

2017, porcelain, Ø 7.9 cm, H 7.4 cm / Ø 5.2 cm, H 4 cm


Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2017

Besondere Anerkennung - Berufsanfänger*in

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