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The party plate can be put on a drinking bottle in a standing party. It is able to serve snacks or food stable on the neck of the bottle, while one hand remains freely usable. At a party, people often don't know, which bottle belongs to which guest. The individual content of the party plate makes it possible to find their drink. 

Ø 20 cm, H 2.2 cm

Design and made by Dingqi Chen

Technic support from KAHLA Porzellan GmbH

Franz Rising Star Project -

International Porcelain Design Scholarship 2018

Ceramics and Its Dimensions - Clip Award

Go Green: Keramik - Funktional, Nachhaltig, Schön 7th place

Mobile Ring - Party plate (5).jpg

By the coating "Touch!", it is possible to stack several plates or put the plate on the bottle quietly.

Mobile Ring - Party plate (2).jpg