Mobile Ring - picnic plate

The picnic plate solves a problem: it is possible to put it stable, when it is outdoors, without a table. You can put the picnic plate on your legs, on your knee, on your head or even on a football that you have between your legs. With this interesting handling, the picnic plate allows you to enjoy the food at a pleasant height, which also keeps insects away.

"Mobile Ring" was inspired by my life in Germany. During a picnic, I had the idea to extend the using of household tableware to a "to-go plate". It is an environmentally friendly multi-way solution with the effect of material savings. I have implemented various form studies with paper and plaster models to find an optimal form of the product.

Picnic plate, 2018, porcelain, Ø 31cm, H 3 cm

lid, 2018, wood and silicone, Ø 31.4 cm, H 1.2 cm

rope, 2018, PP, Ø 0.8 cm, L 300 cm

The ring-shaped picnic plate can be carried everywhere. The structure allows you to hold it firmly and securely. You can put it on your arm, like a bracelet, or wear it with a rope as a shoulder bag. The lid prevents food from falling out and also addresses the hygiene problem. The wooden lid is also multifunctional, can be used such as a Brotbrett. The porcelain tableware can be worn easily and safely by this simple transport solution with the rope.

The picnic plate replaces the use of disposable tableware in the outdoor area. It encourages an environmentally friendly lifestyle and contributes to less waste of material.



Franz Rising Star Project - International Porcelain Design Scholarship

Ceramics and Its Dimensions - Clip Award

Go Green: Keramik - Funktional, Nachhaltig, Schön

7th place


Photography: Dingqi Chen, Shuting Fang, Tian Pan

Video: Tian Pan

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