Porcelain meets fur (3).jpg

Inspired by Méret Oppenheim's "Object ", porcelain and fur are joined together to express the contrast between hardness and softness: on the top of the matt porcelain jar, there is a furry ball for stroking. When opening the cuddly jar, a sensual feeling arises. It transforms the handling quietly, softly, and affectionately. 

The porcelain itself is cold and has nothing to do with a warm body surrounded by skin and hair. Nevertheless, it becomes addicted to touching the furry products, gently stroking them and playing with them.

Ø 9.5 cm, H 9 cm; Ø 7.5 cm, H 8 cm; Ø 7.8 cm, H 14 cm; Ø 6.8 cm, H 10 cm

Porcelain meets fur (4).jpg

Design and made by Dingqi Chen

Perron-Kunstpreis der Stadt Frankenthal (Pfalz) 2017

Fokus Gefaß, Förderpreis Keramik 2016