The autumn of Autumn

The small decorative pumpkins are everywhere in German Autumn. With different shapes and vivid bright colors, these natural little sprites make the Autumn so lovely and joyful. At the same time, the street is filled with tiny hazels from the trees. It is a time of harvest and pleasure. I used some of the pumpkins, hazels and nuts to make some moulds and transform them into pure porcelain and functional gift, to last their beauty forever.

Pumpkin jar, 2016, porcelain, Ø 8.2 cm, H 9 cm
Pumpkin, 2016, porcelain, Ø 7 cm, H 5.5 cm
Nut, 2016, porcelain, W 2.5 cm H 2.7 cm
Hazel, 2016, porcelain, W 1,7 cm, H 2.5 cm

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