Porcelain is an art of technic and material. All the products from "Dingqi Collection" are handmade and unique. From modeling, casting, and glazing are the products treated with consideration, concentration, and love. A functional shape is featuring easy application, to offer you a comfortable using.

Last piece for sale

​Thanks for all the supports from who has shown love for "Dingqi Collection". With the passing design and creative experience, "Dingqi Collection" has brought lots of interesting products, to decorate many homes and lighted up the joy of life. To celebrate the creation of "Dingqi Collection" and to look forward to the next step, it's decided to offer the last piece of some porcelain, selling from the internet, with a generous price. If you are interested, don't miss this last chance.

No.1 liqueur cup, outside matt

Ø 4.1 cm, H 4.5 cm

€ 8

No.5 cube, matt

8 cm × 8 cm × 8 cm

€ 16

No.2 cereal bowl, glazed

Ø 11.5 cm, H 4.6 cm

€ 14

No.3 dinner plate, glazed

Ø 16 cm, H 4 cm

€ 18

No.4 vase small, glazed

Ø 8.8 cm, H 7 cm

€ 16

No.6 table display, two parts, matt

Ø 12.4 cm, H 2 cm, Ø 6 cm, H 4.9 cm

€ 12

No. 7 wavy tray, matt

15.5 cm × 10.2 cm × 1.2 cm

€ 14

Love on the first sight?

​To order your favorite piece, please fill in the contact with the number of the product. The selling will be negotiated with email and the product will be sent by post with a package after the payment. (including 19% VAT, delivery not included). Thank you for your cooperation.

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